20 beauty products to give to any woman

What is beauty?

Beauty is an abstract notion linked to many aspects of human existence. Beauty is studied within the philosophical discipline of aesthetics, in addition to other disciplines such as history, sociology and social psychology. Vulgarly, beauty is defined as the characteristic of a thing that through a sensory experience (perception) provides a sense of pleasure or a feeling of satisfaction. It comes from manifestations such as form, visual aspect, movement and sound, although it is also associated, to a lesser extent, with tastes and smells. In this line and emphasizing the visual aspect, Thomas Aquinas defines beauty as that which pleases the eye (quae visa placet).

The perception of "beauty" often involves the interpretation of some entity that is in balance and harmony with nature, and can lead to feelings of attraction and emotional well-being. Because it is a subjective experience, it is often said that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Although such relativism is exaggerated and often associated with worldviews and fashions, the fact is that there are objects and beings that give the impression of beauty already from their natural objectivity because they correspond to the natural requirements of homo sapiens, for example: the sweet taste is preferred to the bitter taste because the bitter usually corresponds to toxins, just as the fragrance of many flowers is naturally preferred in psychically healthy people to the putrid stench.

Human beauty

The characterization of a person as "beautiful", either individually or by consensus of the community, is often based on a combination of inner beauty, which includes psychological factors - such as congruence, elegance, charm, grace, integrity, intelligence and personality - and outer beauty, i.e. physical attractiveness, which includes physical factors - such as youth, mediumship, bodily health, sensuality and symmetry.

Outward beauty is commonly measured based on the general opinion or consensus of a group of people. An example of this is beauty contests, such as Miss Universe. Internal beauty, however, is more difficult to quantify. An important indicator of physical beauty is "median". When images of human faces are averaged to form a composite image, it progressively comes closer to the "ideal" image and is perceived as more attractive. This phenomenon was first noticed in 1883, when Francis Galton, Charles Darwin's cousin, constructed composite images by superimposing photographs of vegetarians and criminals in search of a characteristic appearance for each of them. In doing so, he realized that the resulting composite images were more attractive than any of the individual photographs.

Modern research also suggests that people whose facial features are symmetrical and possess perfect proportion are more attractive.

In another concept we simplified this a bit:

Beauty refers to everything that is attractive, suggestive and arouses intense emotion in us. Our senses perceive shapes, colors and sensations and some of them are considered beautiful.

Beauty is something that has some peculiarity that calls our attention. That something can be the harmony it possesses, a certain balance, a striking aspect or any other element.

Beauty is closely related to the different artistic expressions. There is beauty in some musical compositions, in an image, in words or in a construction. In fact, the unique function of art is precisely to create beauty from a technique and elements. Art is a language, a means of expression and its coordinates revolve around beauty. Besides the world of art, in the nature that surrounds us we can find elements and structures with a degree of beauty.

The beautiful has a relative component, since for some something can be beautiful, while others do not consider it so. In any case, it is a universal idea, although each culture has its own criteria and assessments about it.

Beauty is a concept that has evolved and is subject to the fashion and cultural context of an era.

In language and culture, beauty is present in several areas: beauty contests, secrets and tricks to stay pretty, museums to contemplate it, discussion forums on its manifestations, blogs, etc. Somehow, the world is divided between what we find beautiful and what we do not. The opposite of beauty causes repulsion and rejection. However, the border between the two realities is sometimes blurred.

We value reality, objects and people according to their degree of beauty. We know that this can be unfair at times, but the morality of an action is one thing and the emotion we feel when we observe something is quite another.

The world of beauty is so wide and complex that there is a discipline that tries to explain all its dimensions, aesthetics. This knowledge approaches beauty as an idea and analyzes its magnitudes, senses and expressions.

Since the most remote times, the human being has not stopped debating about beauty, searching for it and creating it. It could be said that beauty is a necessity, an impulse towards a mysterious stimulus to connect with elements that incorporate a special order. There is something impalpable in it, a kind of fascinating enigma that we know we will not be able to unravel, but that still continues to attract us.

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14 beauty gifts for your friends with which you will be sure

Cosmetics, creams and a beauty gadget with which to surprise the most special women in your life


This selection of cosmetics will drive any beauty addict crazy . From anti-aging creams , to makeup products, to an electronic device for skin care. Beauty gifts to hit with your friends, and also with your sisters, with your mother or with any special woman.

The beauty gifts are always a good choice to hit with girlfriends, sisters, mothers or sisters. Cosmetics allow us to take care of ourselves, spend some time with ourselves and see ourselves better. In our selection of beauty gifts you will find the latest news from some beauty firms, also original cosmetics , such as a perfume in the form of a pencil or a make-up milk, whims such as a luxury case for your lipstick, cases with shadows , highlighters or powders that you will never want to throw away even if they run out, an electronic device to take care of your face ... With this selection of beauty gifts for your friends you will be sure.



The latest version of the legendary Guerlain cosmetic, Météorites Happy Glow (58.90 euros) is a harmony of four exclusive pearl tones that correct the complexion, refresh the skin and create a luminosity that captures the authentic and soft light of spring. These powder pearls serve to set makeup and improve its hold, while brightening the complexion. Their delicate violet fragrance and jewel case make them one of the best beauty gifts for all women.



If you are looking for an original beauty gift for your friends, bet on this new perfume in an unpublished format. The four Chance de Chanel perfume pencils ($ 75) offer a balm texture that glides smoothly on the skin, leaving a trail of fragrance that lasts all day. You can apply it on the neck, behind the ears, on the lower part of the wrists ... and repeat this gesture as many times as you want. 
Each pencil has floral notes: Chance, floral, Chance Eau Fraîche, sparkling floral, Chance Eau Tendre, fruity floral, and Chance Eau Vive, citrus floral.



Another original beauty gift is this complexion makeup milk. A milky formula composed of magical microbeads that release their color on contact with the skin. Clarins Milky Boost (36 euros) is available in 5 shades, and is formulated with organic kiwi extract, rich in vitamin C, capable of reactivating the skin and peach milk, which hydrates and softens up to 8 hours. In addition, it contains the firm's anti-pollution complex, and the bottle is 100% recyclable.



A duo of provitamins infused with botanical oils that brightens the skin , protects it against environmental aggressions, improves its texture, softens it and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Ideal Resource Renewing Oil Concentrate with Provitamins C and E from Darphin (90 euros, 60 capsules) is presented in biodegradable capsules and single doses that guarantee the conservation and effectiveness of the formula (10% provitamin C, 5% provitamin E, oil rosehip and argan). A perfect beauty gift for the woman who wants to protect her skin from premature aging.


Too Faced

Another of our beauty gift proposals is the new Born This Way Highlither palette by Too Faced (43 euros, only at Sephora) that turns on the light, improves the appearance of the face and adds luminosity . A golden trio that brings light back to the skin and that you can apply on the cheeks, the eyelid, the tip of the nose and on the cupid's bow.



If you are looking for a beauty gift for women over 40, we recommend the new anti-aging line Vital Perfection from Shiseido that helps to deal with loss of elasticity, wrinkles and dark spots . Inspired by neuroscience, ReNeura ++ TM technology helps to renew skin. Shiseido Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Emulsion (135 euros) protects the skin against dryness and UV damage, while promoting brighter and more elastic skin, with a firmer appearance.



Available in 14 shades, the Rouge Hermès satin lipstick (62 euros) stands out for its fine and creamy texture, long-lasting , which hydrates the lips, providing them with comfort. The high concentration of pigments provides an intense, vibrant and homogeneous color. A gift of beauty with which you will triumph since it is the first makeup collection of the legendary firm.



As light as water and enriching as an oil, this luxurious anti - aging lotion with an elegant fragrance and micronized oil gently melts with the skin, transforming its texture from an ultra-light lotion to a rich and silky lotion. Thanks to its advanced formula, Ultimate Sensai Micro Lotion (291 euros) fights the visible signs of aging for a balanced skin ready for other treatments .


Estée Lauder

French Riviera inspired shades perfect for all skin tones. The Estée Lauder Cote D'Azur Eyeshadow Palette ($ 50) contains 8 luxurious shadow shades and an eye and cheek highlighter. A palette with a luxurious, limited edition case that will be available from April 2020 and that can be the perfect beauty gift for your friends.



This serum for the contour of the eyes helps fight against the signs of fatigue such as dark circles, bags and wrinkles , thanks to a new complex of botanical extracts of natural origin. The L'Occitane Immortelle Reset Look Serum (54 euros) transforms the look thanks to its formula with organic immortelle essential oil, acmella oleracea and marjoram extracts, and a new complex of natural botanical extracts. Neither gel, nor cream, nor balm, this care for the eye contour has a double oil texture in serum that melts perfectly into the skin. Ideal for gifts.



Tinted balm that offers a refreshing and voluminous effect, enhancing the lips with a natural and slightly iridescent color. The new L'Absolu Mademoiselle de Lancôme balm (33 euros) is available in 10 shades , from light pink to deep burgundy, to vibrant orange. A triumph beauty gift that combines a moisturizing formula that provides comfort to the lips and light coverage for a touch of color, in a beautiful case.



In our selection of beauty gifts, a beauty gadget to take care of the skin cannot be missing either. Foreo Luna mini 3 (159 euros) has the Glow Boost cleansing mode for clean and radiant skin in just half a minute. With 8,000 T-Sonic pulses per minute, this cleansing device penetrates deep into pores to gently remove dirt, oil, dead cells and sweat. A modern design and 100% waterproof, which you can take to the gym and on a trip due to its small size.


House of Sillage

If you are looking for a beauty gift to surprise a very special friend, here you have it: the bow-shaped shells for the House of Sillage lipsticks (218 euros + 38.50 euros, the lipstick refill, at Marta García Boutique). A loop-shaped casing finished with an enamel that incorporates more than 300 Swarovski crystals embedded in diamond cut. The lipstick is infused with the highest quality and genuine diamond powder to create a luminous aura.



A practical palette with 10 shades to color the lips and eyes, with matte, pearlescent or shiny finishes, inspired by the magical city of Tokyo. The Artistry Tokyo Collection Eye and Lip Palette (46 euros) is available in two shades and features beautiful packaging designed by artist Rumi Kuraji. An ideal beauty gift to surprise your friends.