How to Blow-Dry your Hair

Do you remember the shine your hair gives off when you leave the salon? In those moments your hair is healthy and resplendent! Normally when we do it ourselves at home the results are not so spectacular. But drying your hair properly to achieve the same results is not that complicated. Here we bring you the best tips and tricks from the pros.

The correct drying technique is gentle on the hair and provides results of body and shine. For this it is important to use a suitable dryer. This should allow you to adjust the temperature and power. You should include at least these two options as well as a "low temperature" option.

If you dry your hair for a long time or use too high a temperature you can damage the hair structure that can dry out, end with split ends or irritate the scalp.

Drying your hair easily

These tools will help you dry your hair safely and correctly: heat protection spray , flat brush, nozzle to concentrate the air and large hair clip.

The best tips and tricks for drying your hair

We've collected 10 tips from professional hairdressers that guarantee gentle and gentle drying for fantastic results. Your hair will be healthy and shiny!

  1. Whenever possible avoid using the maximum temperature of the dryer. You will know that the temperature is right if you put air in the palm of your hand and you notice a comfortable temperature.
  2. Keep your distance! Keep the blow dryer about 8 inches from your hair.
  3. If your hair is very fine, you should keep the air power of the dryer low. Otherwise you would end up tangling your hair.
  4. Blow dry each strand from roots to ends. This technique smoothes the hair cuticle and makes the hair look healthier, shiny and protected. to get the best results.
  5. To avoid applying heat for a long time at the same point, keep the dryer moving. We recommend dividing your hair into several parts and holding them with clips or pins. Dry your hair starting at the neck and work your way up to the height of the crown so as not to give heat several times at the same point.
  6. Most of us rush in the morning. If you want to go faster drying your hair, increase the intensity of the air but do not raise the temperature.
  7. Always use a heat protection spray. This product prevents damage caused by the heat of the dryer.
  8. Try not to dry your hair immediately after washing it. Ideally, gather your hair with a towel like a turban and let it dry for about 15 minutes. You will save effort and reduce the time of exposure to the heat of the dryer.
  9. Using a nozzle that concentrates the air will help you direct all the intensity of the air towards the strand of hair through which you are brushing.
  10. As you dry your hair, give yourself a short breath of cool air. This step adds more elasticity to the hair.

How to properly dry your hair so it doesn't get frizzy?

Before you start blow-drying your hair, I recommend applying a leave-in conditioner or serum and always comb through your hair using a flat brush.

Divide your hair into sections, I recommend you always start with the bottom layers of your hair, and blow dry your hair in sections from the bottom up, until you reach the top layers of your head.

Start with a maximum temperature and always finish by setting the dryer on the lowest heat setting so that the last air your hair receives is cold.

Don't forget a few magic drops to seal your hair and leave it shiny and moisturized.