How to Get Defined Curls

Today I am going to give you some tips to get more defined curls. I hope it helps all those girls who have problems.

1. It is very important to wash your hair with a specific shampoo for curly or wavy hair. They help a lot to define the curls and that they have more body and volume.

2. You have to detangle the hair when it is wet, and also do it with a brush with wide and natural bristles, so as not to damage the curl since it is very delicate.

3. As I told you in a previous post, it is very important that curly hair be nourished very well, because they tend to dry out and frizz.

4. To comb it, it is best to do it with a brush with wide bristles. If not, your fingers will do the trick too. It is important to remove the excess water with a towel, and do it by tapping. Thus, the curl will be much more defined.

5. If you have trouble getting a defined curl, apply some leave-in conditioner.

6. To achieve maximum definition of the curl, it is important that before drying the hair we apply a little foam or cream.

7. And to dry the hair, it is better to always do it with the diffuser.

8. If even so, having followed all these steps, you still do not get a defined curl, I suggest you use a curling iron. If you don't want to apply heat to your hair, you can roll strands into buns and pin them with a bobby pin. After an hour, you remove them, and you will see that the curl will be much more defined.

9. For the curl to hold you defined for longer, do not forget to apply a little fixing spray or hairspray.

And a very effective trick: prepare in a spray bottle three or four tablespoons of almond oil with distilled water. When you see that your curl is going to undo and lose definition, spray a little of the mixture on your curls, help yourself with your fingers to define them again and you will see that they are wonderful. What do you think of these tips?