How to Fix Split Ends

Do you have bobby pins in your hair? Eliminate them without cutting your hair with this trick. Say goodbye to split ends!

A hairpin is not only aesthetically ugly, but it is also a symptom of poor hair health and carelessness, which is why no woman wants to have those unpleasant broken hair strands in her hair. Look at the ends of your hair, you need to apply this trick if you find any of the following ways…

How to remove the hairpin from your hair without losing the length ?

We believed for a long time that the only way to remove the pin from the hair fast was to cut it, well, that's not the case. Learn how to remove bobby pins and split ends below:


Mix all the ingredients well with a spoon and apply to the ends of your hair with a dye brush or toothbrush and leave it on for 40 minutes . Rinse with lukewarm water and mild shampoo.

Now that you know what is good for hairpins , let us know what other home remedies you have used to care for your hair. If you want to know more about hair care , do not forget to visit us.What causes pin in hair?

The forks are an alteration of the hair that generates discomfort and bad appearance. It usually occurs in drier hair because it is more sensitive to factors that can affect it, such as sunlight and dehydration.

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